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Fri, Jul 29, 2022 01:00AM EDT
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Chinese Turquoise Chao Zhu Court Necklace

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A Chinese turquoiseChao Zhu / court necklace comprised of 108 individually knotted turquoise beads separated with three lapis lazuli and one red jasper bead, three counting strings made of finally woven cored containing smaller turquoise and jasper beads and ending in a glass amber tear drop pendant. The counterweight is a large oval turquoise with a dangling glass amber tear drop pendant.

The history of the "Chao Zhu" originates when The Qianlong Emperor (1711–99) laid outstrict dress regulationsfor the court in 1766. The court necklace was to be comprised of exactly 108 beads in groups of 27 divided bylarger contrasting stones. It would contain three counting strands and along the back have a larger counterweight to give it the necklacebalance. Semi precious stones were used for members of the court whilepearls, jade, and coral were for the emperoronly.

Gemstone Attributes: 108 round Turquoise beads - 16.5mm, 2 round Lapis Lazuli beads 18mm, 1 tube lapis bead 13.5mm x 7mm,1 oval lapis bead 18mm x 19mm,1 round Red Jasper bead 18mm, 1 large oval turquoise disc 1.75 inches x 1 3/8" inch, 15 round turquoise beads 7.5mm - 8mm, 15 round jasper beads 7.5mm x 8mm.
Weight: 587.9 grams.
Measurements: 66" in diameter with the longest strandmeasuring 7" long.
Markings: Unmarked.


Excellent condition.